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De Lacys brow was slightly clouded, for seldom had he met with anything approaching to contradiction of his pleasure. I pray you to reflect, Lady Eveline, he said, that your aunts house is probably defenceless, or at least very imperfectly guarded. -Would it not be your pleasure that I should continue my dutiful attendance. Of that, my lord, mine aunt can, in her own house, be the sole judge; and methinks, as she has not deemed it necessary to request the honour of your lordships company, it were unbecoming in me to permit you to take the trouble of attendance;-you have already had but too much on my ayah gambar gambar pin. But for the sake ayah gambar gambar pin your own safety, madam, said De Lacy, unwilling to leave his charge. My safety, my lord, cannot be endangered in the house of so near a relative; whatever precautions she may take on her own behalf, will doubtless be amply sufficient for mine. I hope it will be found so, said De Lacy; and I will at least add to them the security of a patrol around the castle during your abode in it. He stopped, and then proceeded with some hesitation to ayah gambar gambar pin his hope, that Eveline, now about to visit a kinswoman whose prejudices against the Norman race were generally known, would be on her guard against what she might hear upon that subject.
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